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Dish  Bar
Ascension Luxury

Dish Bar

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 Description: This power packed dish bar cuts grease quicker and more efficiently than leading liquid dish soaps, minus the harsh chemicals. 

This dish bar will fill your sink with bubbles and save you money. 

 Bright and fresh citrus scent with fresh ginger. 

No Sulfates 

No Parabens 


Eco Friendly

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Water, Castor Oil, Fragrance Oil

Weight: Approximately 3 oz. size bars. Each bar is individually hand poured so weight may vary. 

Best Use: Simply wet a brush or sponge, rub over the top of the bar until you have the desired amount of bubbles. Can also be shredded to fill a sink with lots of soapy suds. 


Customer Reviews

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Tammy Ragsdale

Cannot believe how this bar lathers up even in greasy pans and dishes. So easy to use..AMAZING!! Lasts a very long time..still have alot left and have used it quite a bit. I loved the clean smell it has. I am not a "scented dish soap" kind of girl, so this was perfect.